Webhosting - unlimited number of aliases

Informations about additional service Unlimited number of aliases

By activating this service you will get:

  • unlimited number of domains within a single webhosting
  • unlimited space for websites
  • unlimited number of FTP accounts (to each domain you can make separated FTP)
  • unlimited number of databases (to each domain separated database)

We remind that 1 alias is for free at webhosting.

This package, you can choose during the order of a new webhostin, eventually activate it additionally. Its activation and setting up of individual aliases can be carried out in detail of service in administration of webhosting in the customer center. After additional activation of the package you will receive an invoice for the additional payment of optional service.


In case of using an unlimited number of aliases, all domains are operated under one user account, ie it is necessary to follow the safety rules. In case you do not have all the content management systems secured by their actual versions (if you have security vulnerabilities in applications)there is a risk of infestation of all aliases. If you want to be sure about security, we recommend to order a separated webhostings. It is particularly suitable if the sites belongs to different owners.

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