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Webhosting, additional extensions and functionality

We are often meet with question why our webhosting does not support XYZ and why it is not possible to add PHP extensions ABC.

Webhosting is shared service. This means that there are several hundred of customer's sites located on one webhosting server. Any change of anything (adding of a new technology, changing parameters and constraints) can affect all other customers at once - positively or negatively. One of the customers maybe pleased, that we have some additional new technology, but at the same time 100 other customers may feel the opposite, due to the incompatibility with other extensions or their PHP application.

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Our objective is to provide quality and stable service. We want to operate with assurance - We are not installing unknown extensions, due to risky problems that it could cause. We are installing only the extensions that we know, we have thoroughly tested and we can guarantee that everything will work as it should.

We do not expect that webhosting will satisfy the requirements of all customers. It is not possible. There is always someone who need some different parameter than the other. But for the vast majority of customers webhosting is fully sufficient.

For those who need some special technology or parameters and webhosting is not enough for them, there is virtual servers. Here, the customer has the whole server for himself and he is able to install and configure server according to their requirement needs (operating system, web server, PHP, database and other applications). There is such a VPS with Fedora ISP package, that is a server with preinstalled Apache, PHP, database MySQL, mail server (antispam, antivirus, webmail, SMTP, POP3, IMAP), FTP a control panel ISPConfig.

The parameters and limitations of web hosting

On the webhosting are many different limits such as maximum size of the database, some non allowed directives in htaccess, memory and time limit for PHP scripts, maximum number of PHP processes per site, limit on the number of sent e-mails per day and others.

All these restrictions have some reasons. The reasons are not because we like to terrorize our customers. These limitations are there to protect customers against the accidental occurance of a situation where by a single site, for any reason, could be causing overload or other abnormal situations, as a result of a souden malfunctioning of hundreds of other sites of other customers. This is why it is requieres some reasonable limits on the sites.

This is a compromise between comfort and stability (and security also). It Should be noted that most of these parameters are fixed and can not be changed in any way.

Here again, this is - for the vast majority of customers, a negligeable limitations and sufficiently acceptable.

New extensions in PHP

Currently, we are not planning to add any additional extension in PHP.

We might find the need to add some very important extentions, but this is not in the near future. New extensions are for us a long-term project. It needs first,to be tested for several monts, on our development servers, proven problem free and certain to be working as it should. Only then should we allow the implimentation of the extentaion.

Unsupported PHP extension

Examples of unsupported PHP extension:

  • Any extension of the library PECL
  • Zend Optimizer - we do not know this, we have never used it, as opcode cache we are using eAccelerator
  • APC - it does not work on our webhosting (because we use it as a FastCGI), as an opcode cache we are using eAccelerator
  • ffmpeg, mencoder etc. - our webhosting does not serve as computing cluster for converting audio and video

Another unsupported technology

  • SSH - there is not allowed access to webhosting via SSH and never will be offered, unlimited SSH is available on VPS
  • Subversion - operation of SVN repository or others will possibly be implemented on our webhosting in a very distant future, use the VPS
  • CGI, JSP and other languages ​​and technologies - on the webhosting may be used PHP only, no other programs or scripting languages ​​we do not plan to change it
  • ASP.NET - We offer Linux OS webhosting only, webhosting on Windows OS maybe offered in the future

Datacenter WEDOS

On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

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