PHP parameters

PHP version 5.3, 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 with many installed modules are available for webhosting.

All versions of PHP may be combined on each webhosting. It will depend on the extension of the file to decide on which version it will be used:

  • .php - You can choose the default version of PHP - When ordering the webhosting or at any later time change in the customer center
  • .php53 - always PHP 5.3
  • .php54 - always PHP 5.4
  • .php55 - always PHP 5.5
  • .php56 - always PHP 5.6
  • .php70 - always PHP 7

Currently offered versions:

The version can be selected directly when ordering.

All PHP versions are available on all servers at all webhostings. There is no need to ask us to activate or move to another server. You can just switch version in the administration.

On servers is used opcode cache XCache tool for PHP 5.3 and 5.4. In PHP 5.5, 5.6 and PHP 7 is used Zend Opcache.

Webhosting running on the Linux operating system and web server Apache 2.2 which supports mod_deflate, htaccess and mod_rewrite (parametry Apache). PHP runs above Apache as a FastCGI module.

Setting a limit of PHP

  • disabled magic_quotes
  • disabled register_globals (in PHP 5.4, this option no longer exists)
  • disabled safe_mode
  • Maximum script runtime (max_execution_time): 90 s
  • memory limit (memory_limit): 128 MB (256 MB for variant NoLimit Extra)
  • max. size of the POST input (post_max_size): 32 MB (128 MB for variant NoLimit Extra)
  • max. size of the uploaded file (upload_max_filesize): 32 MB (128 MB for variant NoLimit Extra)
  • max. number of PHP processes: 5 (10 for variant NoLimit Extra) - více informací
  • max. number of sent e-mails per day: 500 (více informací)
  • webhosting can not be used for mass mailing (eg. newsletters)

Modifiable configuration parameters

Some of the parameters php.ini can be changed:

  • allow_url_fopen
  • allow_url_include
  • display_errors
  • html_errors
  • ignore_repeated_errors
  • ignore_user_abort
  • implicit_flush
  • magic_quotes_gpc
  • output_buffering
  • register_globals (in PHP 5.4, this option no longer exists)
  • session.auto_start
  • session.cookie_httponly
  • session.cookie_secure
  • session.use_cookies
  • session.use_only_cookies
  • xcache.cacher (PHP 5.3, 5.4)

More information in the knowledge base: Webhosting - PHP configuration

Installed PHP modules

  • bcmath
  • bzip2
  • calender
  • ctype
  • curl
  • date
  • dom
  • ereg
  • exif
  • fileinfo
  • filter
  • ftp
  • GD 2.0 s podporou Freetype, GIF, JPEG, PNG a BMP
  • gettext
  • gmp
  • hash
  • iconv
  • ImageMagick (as a PHP module, you can not call via shell - more info)
  • imap, imap-ssl
  • ionCube Loader
  • json
  • libxml
  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • mhash
  • mysql
  • mysqli
  • openssl
  • PDO - sqlite a MySQL
  • Phar
  • session
  • soap
  • sockets
  • SPL
  • SQLite
  • tokenizer
  • xmlrpc
  • xsl
  • zip
  • zlib

You can also use PEAR extension

What is not available

On the webhosting is not available:

  • any extension from the library PECL
  • XCache shared memory - this extension is used only as opcode cache, you can not use the additional functions
  • ffmpeg, mencoder apod. - our webhosting not serve as computing cluster for converting audio and video

Webhosting and adding extensions and functionality - Is it possible to add an extensions to PHP or any other new technology which are not specified here ?

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