Order of webhosting -1. Basic information

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Basic options

NOTE In order to establish web hosting, you must be the owner of this domain or you must order domain at first!
Some domains can also register for free as a gift to the web hosting. In this case, just select that option from the list of gifts.

Payment period: yearly
Webhosting variation
  25 CZK/ month
  100 CZK/ month
V rámci tohoto rozšíření budou zdarma aktivovány následující rozšíření:
• HTTPS domain (SNI)
(compare the webhosting options)
The optional services
+55 CZK/ month
+8 CZK/ month
+10 CZK/ month
Optional services coluld be activated/deactivated in any time in the customer adminstration
PHP version
  PHP 5.4
  PHP 5.5
  PHP 5.6
  PHP 7.0
  PHP 7.1
version of PHP can be changed at any time in the customer center
DNS settings
  set the records at DNS servers WEDOS (this will NOT change DNS servers for the domain)
no gift:
free Domain:
některá z domén v nabídce (CZ,SK,EU,PL) zdarma (podrobnosti o akci)
  Up to 2 years free when coming from competitors
Coming from competitors
If you are coming from competitors, we will add to your webhosting free period, which corresponds to twice of the remaining prepaid period from competitors . It is necessary to truthfully fill out the form below and attach document (invoice) showing the same services from the competitors and subscription period. ( For more information)
Coming from the competitors, and I ask for the free period
Webhosting provider:  other: 
Webhosting tariff:
Expiration of service: (YYYY-MM-DD, eg 2010-11-27)
Evidence of service validity (invoice): (max. 5 MB)
Discount coupon
Discount coupon code:
Total price without VAT:
Total price with VAT:

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