MySQL parameters

For webhosting is an unlimited number of MySQL databases. The total space for the database from one webhosting is limited to 1GB (or 2GB).

MySQL database parameters for webhosting

  • number of databases is not limited - possibiity of more databases for different needs
  • total space for the database: 1 GB  (2 GB for NoLimit Extra)*
  • version of MySQL: 5.6.12, 5.5.30 a 5.1.55
  • available engines: MyISAM, InnoDB, Archive, Heap (Memory)
  • default character set: UTF-8
  • all available character sets supported
  • management via phpMyAdmin interface
  • available PHP modules mysql, mysqli or object-oriented interfacePDO
  • online establishment via customer center (in detail a particular webhosting)
  • databases are accessible only from the webhosting, for safety reasons, it can not be connected from the outside (not even individually, either temporarily or for an additional fee, not even from virtual or dedicated servers with us)

For more information and instructions for MySQL search in knowledge base

* 1 GB (2 GB for NoLimit Extra) is the largest possible area that can be used for shared hosting database. This space can not be over 1 GB (2 GB) there is no way to increase or surcharge. In the case of higher requirements, we recommend to order VPS - the customer is not so limited and can operate databases of any size.

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