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Information about how to host multiple websites for multiple domains per customer

If you have multiple domains (yours or your customers, directly),we offers several ways to realize webhosting for them.

One webhosting with aliases and the same content

It is currently possible to set, on the webhosting 1 alias for free, ie. another domain directed into the same webhosting. In the default state, then under this second domain it shows the same content as the main domain.

Aliases also work for e-mail services, ie. mailbox info@first-domain is the same as info@second-domain. However, you can not create a separate mailbox for different domains.

As additional service can be ordered for unlimited number of aliases - 55 CZK monthly without VAT (660 CZK yearly without VAT). You can direct an unlimited number of domains on one webhosting.

One webhosting with aliases with different content

Like in the previous situation, but it is possible to create a separate content for each domain (alias). Doing so, you will achieve multiweb unlimited number of domains with their own content within a single webhosting, combine with a package of unlimited aliases.

The procedure is described in the knowledge base: Separate sites for aliases.

Still there will not be possibilities to create a separate e-mail boxes for each domain. It will be just an alias of the main domain(ie. info@first-domain = info@second-domain). An alternative is to redirect e-mails - for each domain you can set the domain basket, all e-mails to this domain will be redirected to the specified e-mail address. This separation can sort out e-mail addresses for different domains, but only for the overall domain (it can not specify individual mailboxes for each domain)

Caution: In the case of using an unlimited number of aliases, all domains are operated under one user account, ie it is necessary to follow the safety rules. In the case that you do not have all of the actual versions content secured by the management systems (if you have security vulnerabilities in applications), there is a risk of infestation of all aliases. If you want to be sure about security, we recommend to order a separated webhostings. It is particularly suitable if the sites belongs to different owners.

More webhostings

If you require separated e-mail for each domain, then it is necessary to order your own webhosting for each domain. Still you will manage all your webhostings from a single interface through a customer administration.

VPS with Debian ISP package

If you are a demanding customer and do not want to be limited by fixed defined parameters of webhosting and aliases, you can set up our own virtual server (VPS). At the VPS you are not limited, you can run on it what you want and how you want, you can customize all settings.

We offer at VPS either only basic installation of the operating system (various Linux distributions, Windows Server 2008) or preinstalled Debian ISP package - on the server is pre-installed Apache, PHP, MySQL, mail server, DNS server and ISPConfig control panel.

See also Webhosting, VPS or dedicated server?

Redirection of website and e-mails

Do not forget about domains you have registered with us and emails redirection for free.

  • site redirecting - when entering URL of domain visitor is redirected to another URL that you set
  • e-mails redirecting - any e-mail message sent to any address within your domain will be redirected to your another specified e-mail address

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