HTTPS on webhosting

Here you can find informations about HTTPS, service variation, own certificate

For webhosting we offer two variants of HTTPS:

  • with shared certificate - for free, suitable for your secure access to the CMS or e-shop administration, unsuitable for visitors and customers
  • with own certificate - Depending on whether you want to use HTTPS with own IP or HTTPS with domain (SNI) you have to activate the appropriate optional service. Either your own IP for webhosting (100 CZK/month without VAT) or HTTPS with domai (10 CZK/month without VAT). You must supply own certificate

For more information, search the knowledge base:

  • Basics of HTTPS (HTTP via SSL) - ttheoretical information about encryption and a trusted access to the website, the certificate and the private key of the certification authority
  • HTTPS on webhosting - more detailed information, the activation process and setting

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On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

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