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Webhosting - Extra tariff

Higher - optional version of webhosting NoLimit Extra increases some parameters of our webhosting NoLimit and adds some additional functionality. It is therefore a more powerful variant of a webhost with PHP.

This higher version of webhosting NoLimit Extra has been designed for demanding applications, which requires better parameters than NoLimit tariff. You will get more processor performance, better PHP performance (including more memory to run PHP scripts).

Professional webhosting that is 100% on the SSD and with 24/7 support.

Parameters of webhosting

Parametr NoLimit NoLimit Extra
Max. number of PHP processes (more about) * 5 10
Space for database 1 GB 2 GB
Space for e-mails 5 GB 10 GB
Daily backup NO NO
Restoring from backup for free NO YES
PHP memory_limit * 128 MB 256 MB
PHP upload_max_filesize 32 MB 128 MB
PHP post_max_size 32 MB 128 MB
HTTPS domain (SNI) - with private certificate and key + 10 CZK/month
(12 CZK/month with VAT)
In case of outage, 1 month for free ** NO YES

Part of NoLimit Extra is also daily backups of web content, all its databases and emails. Backs up every night, there are backups backwards for 5 days. Recovery from this backup for free, carried out by by our technicians at the request. Usual version NoLimit is backed up only once a week, and restoring from a backup is charged.

Optional servce NoLimit Extra is possible to order during the inutial webhosting ordering or after it you can additionaly activate EXTRA tariff in customer administration in service detail. The payment period is 1 year.

Individual parameters can not be increased separately for a lower fee. It can be obtained as a part of this package only.

* - Performance of webhosting

Max. number of PHP processes / PHP memory_limit - With these parameters NoLimit Extra hosting offers about 4x better performance than basic NoLimit. In this way configured webhosting NoLimit Extra may use up to 10 x 256 MB of memory, more than 2.5 GB of memory. These values ​​are actually relatively high and they are not ordinary (nor available) from competing webhosting for several higher prices and are not common even among virtual servers (VPS). Webhosting NoLimit manages without any problems(by site optimization) over 10,000 visits per day and version NoLimit Extra performance is much better.

** - In case of failure 1 month of service for free

We guarantee 99.99% availability for the Nolimit version of the webhosting. The customer has the right to a reduction of the monthly fee relative to the sum of unplanned outages, longer than than 5 minutes, in one calendar month. (for example when outage is 1h. - 1/720 of the monthly fee). For optional service NoLimit Extra we guarantee the same availability as for basic NoLimit, but if the sum of times of unplanned outages in one month arelonger than 5 minutes, the customer has the right to get the whole month for free. We consider service outage to be the (unavailability) of website caused by the failure of provider technology (servers and datacenter infrastructure).

Why to choose NoLimit Extra

The above technical parameters of webhosting version NoLimit Extra are, in combination with technological background (branded servers and disk arrays from FUJITSU and a modern data center), guarantee of the maximum quality of service which also provides great performance and reliability of whole provided service.

Datacenter WEDOS

On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

Customer support

Customer support and technical monitoring: NONSTOP

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