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Apache parameters, htaccess

Information about the Apache parameters on webhosting, support of configuration file. Htaccess with a large range of options, settings and mod_rewrite.

Apache web servers on the webhosting servers offers support of modules mod_deflate, mod_rewrite and configuration files .htaccess.

Site compression (mod_deflate)

On the web hosting server is activated mod_deflate module, which compresses transmitted pages between the server and the browser.

Specifically, they are automatically compressed MIME file types: html, plain, javascript, css. Images and other files are not compressed by default.

Cache on the browser side (mod_expires)

The server is also an active module mod_expires. By default it sets HTTP headers for caching static content on the one week. This applies to images, CSS, JavaScript and other.

This caching you can turn off or change its settings in the htaccess, viz. knowledge base: Caching files in the browser.

Support htaccess, mod_rewrite module

Configuration files can be used on the webhosting servers .htaccess in the directories, where there is also a module mod_rewrite for rewriting rules for URLs.

  • setting error pages (eg, what to display when a non-existent page)
  • redirection
  • limited access to the site or part of it by filtering of IP addresses of visitors
  • password protect access to the directory or file
  • modul mod_rewrite - rewriting URLs
  • subdomains creation
  • modul mod_expires - setting HTTP headers to cache static content in the browser

Allowed and disallowed commands

Allowed categories of htaccess commands:

  • AuthConfig
  • FileInfo
  • Indexes
  • Limit

In .htaccess files on webhosting is not allowed:

  • php_flag
  • php_value
  • ServerSignature
  • SetHandler
  • XBitHack
  • AddHandler

For more information and instructions search the knowledge base: htaccess na webhostingu

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