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Professional webhosting that is 100% on the SSD and with 24/7 support.

Buy the best selling hosting in the Czech Republic in 2011 - 2018. Treat yourself to a high performance, stability and quality!

Parameters Webhosting "NoLimit" Miniweb "Free with domain"
Disk space for web * Unlimited 100 MB
Amount of transferred data(traffic) Unlimited Unlimited
Number of databases MySQL 5.6 (overall size 1 GB)** Unlimited OK
PHP 5.3 - 7 (high values with changes possibility) OK OK
Number of e-mail boxes (overall size 5 GB)** Unlimited OK
Antivirus, Antispam, POP3, IMAP4, SMTP, Webinterface OK OK
Secured communication SMTPS, POP3S, IMAPS OK OK
Autoresponder, redirection of mail, domain basket OK OK
Number of subdomains Unlimited OK
1 alias for free (unlimited number for an additional cost) OK OK
FTP account, FTPS, FTP lock, WebFTP OK OK
Number of other FTP accounts (for subdirectories) Unlimited OK
Setting of error pages and messages(htaccess) OK OK
Support of nice URL, mod_rewrite (htaccess) OK OK
Compression (mod_deflate), mod_expires (Apache parameters) OK OK
Restriction of access by IP address (htaccess) OK OK
Password protected directories(htaccess) OK OK
Support of various OpenSource applications (Drupal, Joomla...) OK OK
Suitable for demanding and popular sites, high performance OK OK
Test period of 7 days with a money-back guarantee up to 180 days OK OK
HTTPS Support with shared or your own certificate OK OK
On-line management via Customer center OK OK
Web site with www. and without www. OK OK
IPv6 Support OK OK
CRON (periodic execution of scripts) OK OK
Google Analytics statistics OK OK
Web without ads, the possibility of placing your own OK OK
Eestablishment of services for free, without contractual commitments OK OK
DNS management with the possibility of full editing by customer OK OK
Servers are on the backbone network OK OK
NONSTOP support and technical monitoring OK OK
Firewall protection OK OK
DDoS + IDS/IPS protection OK OK
Yearly payments OK OK
Payment by 12 ways OK OK
Weekly backups ** OK OK
Brand servers, own datacenter and own network OK OK
Professional service solution (one of the best in the country) OK OK
Certification according to standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 a ISO 27001 from TÜV SÜD OK OK
Availability guarantee 99,99% 99,99%

*)Unlimited data, which do not conflict with copyright laws and is used for presentation at the Web site or to provide service (more info)

**) with additional version NoLimit EXTRA - you will get higher performance, more MySQL size(up to 2GB) and e-mails (10GB), daily backups with 5 days hitory and free recovery, higher PHP parameters (Memory_Limit 256MB, higher values ​​for upload, etc.) (more info)

***) We don't currently provide an IPv6 address for a new webhosting. IPv6 address will be launched and put additionally as soon as possible.

Webhosting NoLimit can be ordered for any 2 level domain , even for domains that we do not register too (eg. DE, IT, ONLINE, TOP, ...) - they can remain at the current registrar, just change the DNS servers on ours.

Domain (EU, PL, SK) for webhosting for FREE

EU 0,-

New (EU, PL, SK) free domain for 1 year!

When you order and pay for "NoLimit" or "NoLimit Extra" webhosting for a new (EU, PL, SK) domain, we will register this domain free for 1 year.

BONUS up to 2 years during the services transfer from competitors

Pack your bags and transfer

Pack your bags and transfer serices to WEDOS !!!

If you are transfering your website form competitors to us, you get bonus period from us which corresponds to double remaining period of our competitors.

We will be glad to advice you with site transfer. Site transfer is easy and without downtimes! Move your site to professionals! You will be pleased!


Discount for fans

Social networks

Become our fan and get discount coupons for ours services.

BONUS for each client

  • FREE backup space for each hosting 5GB of space - WEDOS Disk

What said our customers about us

Read responses of our customers. We are the fastest growing company in the field in the Czech Republic (since December 2010), our services are constantly improving with improved customer service. We believe that you will be our satisfied customer too. Although we operate on the market for a relatively short period of time,we are already ranked among the three largest companies in the field of hosting in the Czech Republic, thanks to the quality of our services (smooth operation, professional customer support, full automation...). We have incredibly high ​​PHP values with possibility of changes. From our experiance, the other competitors do not have the same values for the same prices)!!!


Buy the best selling Czech webhosting. Treat yourself to a high performance, stability and quality!

Unlimited aliases

Unlimited number of domain aliases (with help of .htaccess you can have a different website for each domain, ie. you can host unlimited number of different presentations(domains) with this additional service)is possibleas additional payment.

Establishing is ONLINE.After payment is received, web immediately ready for operation.

Additional services

viz. pricelist of additional services

Terms of payment

The above prices are for one month of operation at yearly rate of payments . The billing period is yearly, always been paid for one year ahead. Without establishment fees.

We offer 11 payment methods - bank transfer CZ,bank transfer SK, credit card, PayPal, superCASH, Platba24, Mojeplatba, ePlatby, mPeníze, GoPay.

Seven good reasons to choose us

  1. Experience, expertise and professionalism

  2. Quality professional technical background, ecological and economical operation

  3. Safety, Reliability and Quality

  4. Best and newest technolog

  5. Excellent service

  6. Revolutionary service parameters

  7. Revolutionary prices

Open source

Our web hosting supports popular open source applications

Drupal Joomla Wordpress Textpattern CMS made simple phpBB DokuWiki Prestashop OSCommerce

Datacenter WEDOS

On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

Customer support

Customer support and technical monitoring: NONSTOP

E-mail: contact form
Chat: entry the on-line chat
Diskuze: Forum


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