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Webhosting, VPS or dedicated server?

Do you know what are the precise differences between webhosting, virtual server (VPS) and dedicated server, and can you decide on what is the better solution for the operation of your website or for your other applications?

If you want to operate websites for example, you can use any of our hosting products - web hosting, VPS and dedicated server. The differences between them are in the possibilities they offer, the difficulty of management, performance, ratio of sharing server with other customers and so on.


The simplest way to go for the general public is webhosting. Customer need not to worry about a lot of things - you can upload your files via FTP, fill the database, create e-mail box for your domain in administration and that is it .

Our webservers and configuration of FTP, MySQL, email and other related services are fully managed by us. We provide maintenance, security settings, updates, monitoring of their performance, load and we handle all related issues (with the exception of errors in the PHP customers application).

However, webhosting options are fixed. It's possible to run PHP applications only (PHP version 5.3) with using MySQL database (MySQL version 5.5). For PHP are given some exact modules, which can be used, there are a given number of different restrictions - max script runtime, max memory for script, etc. These limitations can not be edited or can not be changed individualy.

If you are looking for web hosting for more demanding web, selectNoLimit Extra - it offers more performance, better parameters and daily backups.

Webhosting is a shared service. This means that there are a few hundred customers, located on one webhosting server and there are sharing the performance of the entire server.

Despite some limitations webhosting is the most widely used service, which satisfies fully the vast majority of customers. Restrictive parameters are set relatively high, there are a larger variety of PHP modules. The customer need not to worry about anything and does not need to have any major computer knowledge. We operate, on our webhosting, mostly open source applications - content management systems, e-shops, discussion forums, etc.

Virtual server (VPS)

The next level are virtal servers (VPS). Here the customer gets his own "blank" server, running on a virtualized environment, on which you can run any operating system with any software, therefore any application. the Customer has full access to the server(as Administrator in Windows Server or root in Linux). If you install PHP on the server, you can add any modules and apply any settings.

VPS is about the freedom of choice - Having the server only to himself, the customer is free to dicide on how to use it and he may wish to do things in his own way without affecting other customers.

However, the customer must have a relatively good understanding of the things associated with the operation of his own server, with the installation and configuration of the operating system, server security, installation and configuration of applications on the server, etc. The customer will get an empty server with some basic installation of an operating system, or Debian 6.0 ISP package (with also a ready Apache, PHP, MySQL, mail server, DNS server and ISPConfig control panel). The rest is up to the customer. We will take care of the functionality of the virtualization environment only. The applications that runs on VPS are exclusively in full customer care.

But VPS continues to share some resources with other customers.Several dozens of virtual servers can be operated on a single physical server. Therefore, VPS shares processing power and performance I/O with other VPS on the same server. For this consideration, VPS is still not suitable for extremely demanding applications that require many processors more than 4 GB of RAM, etc.

Dedicated servers

The most demanding customers should usededicated servers. In this way there are renting a physical server which is fully available to the them. On a server such as VPS, the customer is free to operate anything. He also has the entire server performance truely to himself.

For the dedicated servers it is also possible to invent your own individual configuration - the type and number of processors, memory, the type and number of disks. We have some of the things in stock and some of the things can be ordered.

We are renting hardwares to customers, you can not buy them. We do asumethe liable for our rent out hardwares, we repaire them as needed and we do change faulty components at our cost.

This is the same as VPS - we will no be concerned with what is running on this hardware. This is again fully managed by the customer - wether he himself understands how to manage it or gets someone else to take care of it.

Datacenter WEDOS

On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

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