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Virtual servers - VPS

For customers with high demand we have unbeatable offers of unmanaged virtual private servers with full virtualization (KVM), root access and any operating system. Offer consists of modules with 1 GB (guaranteed) DDR3 RAM, 15 GB HDD and Xeon processing power.

BONUS for each client

This hardware (FUJITSU RX300) operates our VPS. Transfer to the largest operators of virtual servers in the Czech Republic. Trust the professionals. We have become the largest provider of VPS in just a few months of operation, and every month we have hundreds of new clients. The lowest price on the market (including guarantee of the lowest price), high quality, high stability, high performance and reliability. Best price / performance ratio on the market ( professional brand solutions).

We are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 from TÜV SÜD. Read Feedback from our customers.

Virtual server (minimum)

The basic version of VPS can be ordered and extended using the same modules. It is possible to order up to 8 of these modules.

  • CPU: 1 thread Xeon 1.80 GHz
  • RAM: 1GB (reserverd)
  • HDD: 15 GB (15k rPM, RAID 10)
  • Number of domains: unlimited
  • Traffic: unlimited
  • Availability: 99,99%
Refund guarantee Best Price Guaranteed 100 CZK/m. (121 CZK with VAT)

Virtual servers (summary)

Optional Expansion of VPSfor customers with high demand

  • CPU: up to 3 thread Xeon 1.80 GHz
  • RAM: up to 8 GB (reserved)
  • HDD: up to 120 GB (15k rPM, RAID 10)
  • Operating system: Any (Linux, Windows)
  • Installation of OS: without limitation, anything can change
  • Remote Management: KVM, SSH, VNC, web - by OS
  • Traffic: unlimited
  • Availability: 99,99%
  • Real virtual server is similar to dedicated.

Upgrades are available at any time by purchasing of modules (which containing the size of the guaranteed DDR3 RAM, the percentages of CPU and HDD space), Each module is for single price and the customer order required number of modules. It is possible to increase the number of modules during operation (involves a restart or short downtime associated with the expansion of HDD).

Offered variations

modules HDD guaranteed RAM DDR3 CPUs without VAT with VAT
1 15 GB 1 GB 1 100 CZK 121 CZK Order Now
2 30 GB 2 GB 1 200 CZK 242 CZK Order Now
4 60 GB 4 GB 2 400 CZK 484 CZK Order Now
6 90 GB 6 GB 2 600 CZK 726 CZK Order Now
8 120 GB 8 GB 3 800 CZK 968 CZK Order Now

Monthly or yearly payments available. There is a surcharge of 10% for using monthly payments. The processor is reffering to virtual processor = 1 thread of shared physical processor.

We do not offer More than 8 modules for VPS

Additional services

Item without VAT with VAT Notes
pre-installed Linux (various distributions) free free
pre-installed Debian 8 ISP package free free
MS Win Server 2012 R2 Datacenter CZ 64bit
50 CZK / modul
61 CZK
minimum order of 2 modules *
MS Win Server 2012 R2 Datacenter EN 64bit
50 CZK / modul
61 CZK
minimum order of 2 modules *
MS Win Server 2008 R2 Datacenter CZ 64bit
50 CZK / modul
61 CZK
minimum order of 2 modules *
MS Win Server 2008 R2 Datacenter EN 64bit
50 CZK / modul
61 CZK
minimum order of 2 modules *
licence Remote Desktop k Windows 150 CZK 182 CZK price per license for 1 person
MS SQL Server 2008/2012 Web Edition 300 CZK 363 CZK
MS SQL Server 2008/2012 Standard Edition (per user) 500 CZK 605 CZK
1 additional fixed public IPv4 address 100 CZK 121 CZK
technical advice, technician work(hire) 250 CZK / 15 min. 303 CZK

Prices are per month, there is a surcharge of 10% when monthly payments are used

* due to system requirements of operating systems Windows Server 2008/2012 and Debian ISP for these systems must be ordered with a minimim of 2 modules, otherwise the system may not be fully functional.

Not included in the price of the virtual server is: server management, consulting, installation, the configuration and upgrading of software and services. This can be done only in the form of paid work by our technician and according to the current pricelist.

What is VPS?

VPS servers run on virtualized hardware. The whole server is yours, there is an installed operating system of your choice and you have full administrator rights. It is possible to install and run any software. Servers can be always reformatted and operating systems can be changed.

VPS is designed for customers with high demand, who require more than our webhosting offers. This includes special settings (which can not be offered on shared webhosting ), installation of certain supplements (which cant be installed on webhosting), possibly higher performance and at the same time do not want to pay the higher monthly amount for dedicated (Dedicated whole physical machine for one client) server. The virtual machine is created on a very powerful server,ie the performance of an extremely powerful (and expensive) brand server is divided into smaller parts, and each customer receives a proportional portion of the total performance for the relative price.

We make sure that our servers are not overloaded, and therefore the physical servers are configured so as to avoid sharing or restricting the individual customers. One of our main advantages, besides completely unbeatable prices, is that DDR3 RAM is reserved and guaranteed.

CAUTION! Virtual server does not contain any additional software (eg. WWW server, PHP, database, etc.). It is only a basic installation of the operating system. Installation and configuration of any additional software and service is fully managed by the customer! There are different distributions of the operating system and various management tools.

It is now also possible to choose the Debian 6.0 ISP package in your order, with preinstalled Apache, PHP, MySQL, MailServer, DNS server and ISPConfig control panel.

ATTENTION! Operation and management of a Virtual Server requires basic knowledge of the operating system. Unlike webhosting we do not provide support for software on your Virtual servers. Software installation, configuration and customization is up to the customer (you can hire our technician). If you do not have experience with server managment, or someone who does, we reccomend you to use webhosting.

Specifications of VPS WEDOS

  • reserved (guaranteed) DDR3 RAM and disk space
  • shared processor performance (Intel Xeon E5-2650L 1,80 GHz)
  • ability to change configuration without data loss
  • For every 4 modules 1 virtual processor
  • management via customer administration
  • full administrator (root) access
  • pre-installed operating system by choice - CentOS, Fedora, Debian, openSUSE, Ubuntu, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012 R2
  • alternatively Debian 6.0 ISP package - preinstalled Apache, PHP, MySQL, mailserver, DNS server and control panel ISPConfig
  • Ordering without OS - install it by yourself by your choice from the connected CD / DVD via KVM
  • You can not install your own Windows only our pre-installed Windows Server 2008/2012 with a license from us
  • support for access to the disk and network interface card via virtio (otherwise IDE emulation)
  • establishment within 1 working day
  • NONSTOP Customer Supportvia chat and e-mail (Phone support coming soon)
  • unlimited traffic, connectivity 100 Mbps
  • 99,99% Availability
  • weekly backups
  • 1 fixed public IPv4 address (additional surcharge)
  • IPv6 connectivity - 65,000 addresses, respectively. / 64 subnet (more info)
  • DNS management for unlimited number of domains
  • Full virtualization, we are using KVM virtualization solution (Kernel-based Virtual Machine,

VPS Management

  • KVM (monitor, keyboard, mouse) via VNC protocol (encrypted via SSL)
  • mount/unmount CD/DVD (ISO image), boot from CD/DVD
  • turn off, turn on and server restart
  • server with Linux OS - access via SSH as root
  • server with Windows OS - access via Remote Desktop (RDP, Terminal Services)as Administrator

More information about controlling and managing the VPS can be found in ourknowledge base


  • very low prices in relation to the offered resources and performance
  • high performance - modern branded machines Fujitsu XEON processors and DDR3 RAM
  • operation without contractual obligations of the customer, option to cancel or change service anytime
  • data security -data on the professional server FUJITSU in RAID10 with 15k rPM
  • economical operation - energy saving machines and components
  • green solution - compared to renting whole physical machines there are minimal ecological impacts
  • service is operated in a modern and professional datacenter
  • We are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 from TÜV SÜD

Coming Soon

  • backup space
  • managed server - a complete server administration, including updates and configuration

Payments and bonuses

The above prices are for one month of operation at yearly rate of payments. The billing period is yearly, always being paid for one year in advance. For monthly payments (also in advance) an additional fee of 10% is required.

We offer 11 payment methods. - bank transfer ČR,bank transfer in SR, credit card, PayPal, superCASH, Platba24, Mojeplatba, ePlatby, mPeníze, GoPay

Seven good reasons to choose us

  1. Experience, expertise and professionalism

  2. Quality professional technical background, ecological and economical operation

  3. Safety, Reliability and Quality

  4. Best and newest technolog

  5. Excellent service

  6. Revolutionary service parameters

  7. Revolutionary prices

Datacenter WEDOS

On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

Customer support

Customer support and technical monitoring: NONSTOP

E-mail: contact form
Chat: entry the on-line chat
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