Information about sponsorship opportunities and collaborate on other projects

Information about sponsorship opportunities and collaborate on other projects

We offer sponsorship and collaboration on projects we offer very rarely.

Sponsorship - we provide free domain and hosting services for charitable purposes only - for charitable and other philanthropic organizations. For those we are ready to pay fees associated with the management of domain names and provide free webhosting under the terms. If you are interested use the contact form and describe in detail your project.

Furthermore, we are ready to participate in interesting large commercial projects, focused on the general public. The form of cooperation can be very varied. In any case, you must provide us with detailed information about the project.

All others interested in sponsoring or collaborating we refering to our affiliate system. It can be very easy to earn and thereby cover the cost of domain and hosting in case of a successful project. It is enough to place advertisements(banners) for our products at your site and for the mediated ordes you can earn commission. We offer a commission of up to 50%.

Sponsoring definitely not offering to individuals or a closed community Web sites (like game sites and game portals). Surely we will not give the domain or services without seeing returns, because otherwise it would not be a classic sponsorship (essentially advertising), but charity (donation). Charitable projects we will support, but really only projects that are focused on charity.

We believe that our prices are really very low and can not be a barrier to start of any project, but contrary it is a proof that the project is meant seriously. Payment is kind of "ticket" to seriously planned projects. Otherwise, we register a domain for many projects every day, as well as provide webhosting (or VPS) for many projects every day a portion of which would be entirely without success and no return for us (and we have to pay for the domain).

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On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

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