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Payment of orders in EUR

Information about payment methods of ordered service via bank transfer to bank account in the Slovak Republic currency EUR.

For all of our hosting services, we offer to pay by via bank transfer to our FIO bank account in Slovak Repubic.

Ordering and payment in EUR

If you wish to exercise this option, make regular order of services.

When you ordering services it is not necessary to choose currency. After ordering you will recive payment request, which contains instructions for payment in CZK on Czech bank account and EUR on Slovak bank account. Tax receipt and an invoice you will receive in the currency in which you paid.

On-line payments (PayPal, credit card and other) are made only in the CZK currency.

Services renewal

If you have previously service order paid it in CZK and now you want to renew service and pay via bank transfer in EUR to Slovak bank, than it is not necessary to do anything, you will receive payment request for all variants in CZK and EUR

More information and restrictions

  • When paying in EUR pay exact amount as indicated in the payment request. Do not recalculate the price in CZK according to some course. to our account must be delivered exact amount, otherwise the system will not accept payment.
  • If you want to pay order on-line (such as credit card or via PayPal), leave it in CZK.
  • Credit acount will be still only in CZK, it can be recharged only by payment in CZK and can be paid orders in CZK only. Credit account in EUR will be possible in future.
  • Affiliate system all commissions will be counted in CZK, commissions form EUR ordes will be recalculated according to the current exchange rate.

Datacenter WEDOS

On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

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