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Register a new domain and get GIFT - MiniWeb free webhosting , redirection of e-mail, web and DNS servers. Domains with guarantee of lowest prices. Buy cheapest domains!


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Transfer to WEDOS get GIFT - MiniWeb free webhosting , redirection of e-mail, web and DNS servers. Domains with guarantee of lowest prices. Transfer without website downtime.


National domains

Domain Period Registration Renewal
.CZ (Czech Republic) 1 year 125 CZK
151 CZK inc. VAT
125 CZK
151 CZK inc. VAT
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.SK (Slovakia) 1 year OFFER 185 CZK
224 CZK inc. VAT
265 CZK (321 CZK inc. VAT)
265 CZK
321 CZK inc. VAT
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.PL (Poland) 1 year 70 CZK
85 CZK inc. VAT
270 CZK
327 CZK inc. VAT
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European domain

Domain Period Registration Renewal
.EU (European Union) 1 year OFFER 45 CZK
54 CZK inc. VAT
110 CZK (133 CZK inc. VAT)
110 CZK
133 CZK inc. VAT
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gTLD (generic)

Domain Period Registration Renewal
.NET (Network) 1 year 250 CZK
303 CZK inc. VAT
250 CZK
303 CZK inc. VAT
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.COM (Commerce) 1 year 215 CZK
260 CZK inc. VAT
215 CZK
260 CZK inc. VAT
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.INFO (Information) 1 year 270 CZK
327 CZK inc. VAT
270 CZK
327 CZK inc. VAT
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.NAME (Personal) 1 year 300 CZK
363 CZK inc. VAT
300 CZK
363 CZK inc. VAT
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.BIZ (Business) 1 year 290 CZK
351 CZK inc. VAT
290 CZK
351 CZK inc. VAT
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.ORG (Organisation) 1 year 275 CZK
333 CZK inc. VAT
275 CZK
333 CZK inc. VAT
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All of the above offers are valid until further notice and may be changed or modified by the operator at any time.

Domains can be registered from 1 to 10 years.

Permanently lowest prices on the market! Full automatization, maximum speed, reliability and free gifts.

Registration is ONLINE. With more than 11 payment options, including credit account (registration and renewal without delay) and payments in EUR from Slovak Republic. Choose whether you want to register a new domain or transfer an already existing one for free, and then have all settings under out administration and renewing of domain at our low prices (guarantee of lowest prices on the market). We are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 from TÜV SÜD.

MiniWeb - free webhosting - our gift to every Domain

For each domain registered with WEDOS, we offer the GIFT of MiniWeb - free webhosting. This is the web presentation which you can manage, maintain and edit  without knowledge of html. Due a reserved space 100 megabytes, you can present up to several hundred pages including images!

MiniWeb - free webhosting

MiniWeb - free webhosting

  • 100 MB of web space 
  • WYSIWYG editor (editing tool for creating and maintaining your website)
  • emails redirection for the whole domain
  • DNS administration (without any limitation, all online)
  • the possibility of creating a simple static presentation
  • the possibility of placing pages and texts on the domain, the ability to create photo albums, etc.
  • the possibility of redirection domains to another site or subdirectory on another site

Benefits of domain registration with WEDOS:

  • management of DNS records, full support for IPv6
  • support DNSSECfor domains. CZ and. EU (more info)
  • guarantee of lowest price on the market, we guarantee the lowest domain registration price for everyone
  • accredited .com and .eu domain registrar - guarantee of quality and speed
  • final price - no hidden fees, without the need for webhosting
  • full automatization - registration, changes, change DNS
  • nonstop customer support
  • webhosting in option MiniWeb free for each domain
  • the holder is directly customer, our company is as technical administrator and registrar
  • simplicity of operation
  • domain registration is real online, also changes are made online and automatic mode, all NONSTOP
  • possibility to use credit account or other payment methods (we have 12 ways how to pay)
  • bulk actions - registration, transfer, renewal and changes
  • API interface for direct access to our system (on-line registration, renewals, changes, etc.)
  • quick registration form for knowledgeable customers
  • quick assistance over phone via e-mail
  • tax documentscan upon request, be sent by email, and are available for downloaded from customer administation
  • notification on the expiration of domain via e-mail (and via SMS - testing mode)
  • NEW: electronic form of validation of changes for CZ domain owners (by using e-mail and SMS)
  • NEW: IDN domains (domains with accents)
  • optional notification before expiration - request for payment, automatic renewal, or only notification

Coming soon

  • other various domains
  • DNSSEC support for gTLD

Seven good reasons to choose us

  1. Experience, expertise and professionalism

  2. Quality professional technical background, ecological and economical operation

  3. Safety, Reliability and Quality

  4. Best and newest technolog

  5. Excellent service

  6. Revolutionary service parameters

  7. Revolutionary prices

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On our datacenter website you can find answer to the question ofhow could we offer such low prices. There are details about our facilities, the construction, equipments and the operation of the datacenter. Our datacenter is among the largest and most modern datacenters in the Czech Republic.

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